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Pistol Holsters Leather

pistol-holster-leather.gifBeretta: M9A1, PX4, PX4 Compact, Sub-Compact, 92, 

92 FSV, 8000, 8040, 8045, 9000S, 86, 21A, Nano

Bersa: Bersa Thunder .380 (original)

Browning: Hi-Power and clones

Chiappa Rhino 4" Revolver and 2" Revolver

Colt: - All 1911's - all lengths from 3" to 5", Colt Rail Gun, Govt.380 and Pony, Colt Pocket Nine

Dan Wesson: - All 1911's, including the CCO, Guardian, Mayhem, Pointman, Razorback, Specialist, Valor, etc.

CZ: 40B, 75, 75B, 75C, 83, 85B,85 Combat, 97B, 2075 RAMI, CZ100, PO1, SP01, SP01 Shadow, P-06, P-07, P-09

1911's: 3", 3-1/2", 4", 4-1/4" and 5" -
(Yes, we do 1911's with accessory rails/light rails - half and full-length.)
Includes Colt, Dan Wesson, Kimber, Springfield Armory, Dan Wesson, S&W, Sig GSR, Detonics, Valtro, Wilson, Brown, Les Baer, etc.
Kimber Polymer, STI VIP and LS9, Wilson KZ45, Taurus PT1911 and PT1911AR.

FN: FNP-45, FN Five-Seven

Glocks: - All Models except Mod. 25 and 28.  Glock 42 and Glock 42 with Crimson Trace Laserguard, Glock 43 and Glock 43 with Crimson Trace Laserguard.

H&K: MK 23, USP, USP Comp., P2000, P2000sk, HK45, HK45C, P30, P30sk, P9S, P7M8, P7 PSP, P7M13, VP9

Kahr: - All Models - includeing PM Series, P series, K Series, CM9 and CW Series and Kahr P380 - Including with C.T. LASERGUARD

Kel-tec: P3-AT, PF-9 and P-11,

Kimber: All 1911-style: 3", 3.5", 4" and 5" plus the Solo Carry and Kimber Micro .380, Kimber Micro Crimson Carry.


Magnum Research: Baby Eagle 9mm & .40 cal

Remington: 1911 R1 

LC9, LC9 Pro with or without C.T. Laserguard, SR9, SR9C, SR40, SR40C, (SR45 - NO), SR1911, P345, P89, P90, P94, MK2, LCP, LCP w/C.T. Laserguard, RUGER SR22.

Steyr: M9/40, M9-A1

S&W: 380 Bodyguard (w/laser), 99 - 99C, 39, 3914, 4013, 4013 TSW, 4053 TSW, 908, 3953, CS9, CS45, 4506, 4516, 59, 5903, 5904, 5906, 5946, 659, 669, Shorty 40, 6906, M&P 9mm, .357, .40 and .45ACP, Standard and Compact, M&P 5", M&P Shield, 910, Sigma 380

Sig Sauer: All 1911 style, P210 - 220 - 220 w/Rail, P220C w/Rail, P220CT, P-224, P225, P226, P226 MK 25, P227, P228, P238 w/C.T. LaserGuard, All P229, P230, P232, P238, P239, P245, SIG Pro, , SIG P2340, P250, P250 Compact and P250 Sub-Compact, Sig P290, Sig P938, Sig P227, Sig M11-A1, Sig P320, Sig P320 Compact, Sig P320 Sub Compact, Sig P2022 w/Rail

Springfield Armory: 1911-style pistols, All XD Pistols, the XDM pistols, the XDS and XDS with Crimson Trace LaserGuard, & XD9-Mod 2.

Stoeger: 8000, 8040 (Beretta clone)

STI: LS9, A‚Äčpeiro, Eagle, Shadow, Spartan, Ranger, Guardian, Trojan, Edge, Escort, VIP, Lawman, Legend, Legacy, Marauder and Tactical SS (4" or 5")

Taurus: PT92, PT99, 24-7 PRO, PT111, PT140, PT145, PT745, PT945, PT1911 and PT1911AR with rail, 

PT709 Slim, Curve pistol.

Walther: P99 (including 2005 model), P99C, PPS, P5, PPK, PPK/S, PPQ, CCP