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Cowhide Lining


Belt holsters:  

A cowhide lining stiffens the holster and puts smooth cowhide next to your prized pistol. A very good idea for long holster life. A nice feature to have, especially for those who carry every day. If you want the very best, add the lining.                           

IWB holsters: 

We do not line all-leather IWB holsters except the Cover Up Plus. They are constructed differently from belt holsters.

Quote: "Any smooth vegetable tanned leather, vs. chrome tanned leather would be good for a lining. Suede is definitely not recommended for a lining. It absorbs oil, and then dirt, and powder residue stick to the oil, get embedded into the suede, and act like sandpaper on your gun's finish. . Stick with vegetable tanned leather, either cowhide, or horsehide, for a lining." Lou Alessi