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Ankle Holster Gun List


1911 3”

1911 3.5”

Beretta Pico

Bersa 380 Thunder

Bersa 40 Thunder

Bersa BP9CC

Boberg XR9

Bond Arms

Charter Arms Bulldog

Colt Mustang

Colt Mustang XSP

Diamondback DB9


Glock 26-27

Glock 42

Glock 43

Glock 43 w/Crimson Trace

Kahr CW 45

Kahr PM-9

Kahr PM-9 w/Crimson Trace

Kahr PM45

Kimber Micro

Kimber Solo


Ruger LC9

Ruger LC9 w/ Crimson Trace

Ruger LCP

Ruger LCP w/ Crimson Trace

Ruger LCR .357

Ruger LCRx

Ruger SR 9C

Ruger SR 22

Ruger SR 40C

Sig 230

Sig 232

Sig 238

Sig 238 w/Crimson Trace

Sig 290

Sig 938

Sig 938 w/Crimson Trace

Springfield XDS

Springfield XDS w/Crimson Trace

S&W Body Guard w/Laser

S&W Body Guard wo/Laser

S&W M&P Shield

S&W J- Frame

Walther P-22

Walther PPK/S